QYKSonic ZOE Bliss


The ZOE Bliss was created to revolutionize your skincare routine, raising it to new levels while enhancing the appearance of your skin and confidence. The QYKSonic ZOE Bliss offers improved technologies, innovative design and 7500 advanced T-Sonic® pulsations per minute expediting results, while delivering maximum advanced skin health benefits. The ZOE Bliss cleanses, exfoliates, stimulates microfirming and circulation massage, as well as gently penetrates serums and moisturizers to maximize absorption beneath the cellular level. Skin health improves while reducing signs of aging and reinvigorate your radiant glow.


•No Expensive Replacement Brush-Heads – Ever

•Made with Class 6 Medical Grade Antimicrobial Silicone

•Unique Teardrop Design with a curved zinc alloy base for easy product application

• 15 Adjustable Smart Sonic Settings to adjust for all skin types: (the 2 Pulsations options: Consistent: cleansing/exfoliation; Rhythmic: product penetration

•Over 1800 Biometrically Positioned Touch Points

• 500 Uses Per Single Charge

• 7500+ Pulsations Per Minute